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How OSR foundation chance offer plans look at

How OSR establishment risk-share schemes compare

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Money-back schemes designed to compensate growers for some of the economic risk associated with failed oilseed rape establishment are being offered on seed purchases of selected varieties again this year.
After pilot initiatives in 2019, most breeders have launched risk-sharing or establishment guarantee schemes for 2020 drillings, with funding either coming direct from the breeder or through the existing Bipo model royalty system.
As such, it means OSR crops that are drilled but then fail to establish by a certain date – usually late October/early November – will be eligible for an agreed rebate of about £30/ha.

However, only named varieties nominated by the different breeders are covered and growers will be expected to submit evidence of crop failure in order to receive the money.

Crop support

The finer details of the various schemes may vary, but the intent is the same and reflects the industry’s willingness to support the crop at such a critical time, says James Barlow, head of seed at ADM Agriculture.
“After two very tough years for oilseed rape establishment, there is recognition that growers are under pressure with the crop and reluctant to expose their businesses to more risk.
“These initiatives, which apply when the crop is still in the danger zone, can be a useful part of a risk-management strategy. There’s no extra cost associated with them, so there is no downside for growers.”
Where oilseed rape is to remain in the rotation, Mr Barlow recognises that farm-saved seed can seem attractive if establishment problems have been encountered previously and growers are looking for up-front savings.
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